Company descriptions




Booth 1 CAEN ELS s.r.l.

Address: SS 14 km 163.5 - 34149 Basovizza (Trieste) - Italy




CAEN ELS is a leading company in power supply systems and precision current meas-urement solutions bringing high-end research technology into industrial applications. The catalogue and custom-designed high-precision digital (unipolar-bipolar) power supplies as well as the DC current transducers and complete measurement / calibration systems represent the state-of-the-art devices for magnet applications.


Booth 2 Supercon, Inc.

830 Boston Turnpike,Shrewsbury, MA 01545,USA



SUPERCON has been manufacturing low temperature NbTi and Nb3Sn superconductors as standard and specially designed wire and cable for over 55 years. Many of Supercon’s standard conductors, from 0.025 to 2.0mm diameter, are available from stock A wide variety of custom composite metal wires is also available. We can deliver research quantities to OEM requirements from stock.


Booth 3 Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc

5-9-12 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8688, Japan



Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc. (JASTEC),

is a manufacturer of superconducting wire/magnet in Japan. We have been contributing to a variety of application fields; life science, medical, energy and other science & industries through our cutting-edge technologies.

- Wire: Our high-performance NbTi and Nb3Sn wires are used

for NMR/MRI as well as ITER TF/CS.

- Magnet: We supply high-field NMR magnets as well as special

MRI magnets. We have also rich experience in cryogen-free magnets for academic and industrial applications.


Booth 4 THEVA Dünnschichttechnik GmbH

Rote-Kreuz-Straße 8,85737 Ismaning,Germany




THEVA stands for reliable and highest quality superconducting wire production. Various types of THEVA Pro-Line high temperature superconductor wire can be delivered in lengths up to several hundreds of meters.

Applications range from high current cables to high-end research magnets. Additionally, we design and deliver customized HTS coils. TapestarTM, our powerful characterization tool for HTS tapes, is already used all over the world.


Booth 5 Metrolab Technology




Metrolab Technology SA is the global market leader for precision magnetometers, used to measure high-intensity magnetic fields to a very high degree of precision. Over the past 30 years, we have won the trust of MRI manufacturers and physics laboratories across the world.

Our company culture is one of solutions: more important than the product, our top priority is to help you effectively measure magnetic fields. We invest approximately 20% of our gross sales in R&D.


Booth 6 Sunpower Inc.

Business Development, 2005 East State Street, Athens, Ohio 45701




Sunpower’s CryoTel® cryocoolers are the result of over 40 years of technical leadership, innovation, and evolution in free-piston Stirling technology. Our cryo-coolers are cost effective, exceptionally quiet, low in vibration, and extremely efficient.

Since they require no maintenance, our customers can expect many years of high-performance, trouble-free cooling.

For temperature requirements between 40K and 200K there is no better alternative with respect to small size, efficient operation, and price.

Booth 7 RUAG Space GmbH

Stachegasse 16, 1120, Vienna, Austria




RUAG Space is the largest supplier of space products and related ground support equipment in Austria, focusing on electronics, mechanisms and thermal insulation. The company of 240 employees belongs to the Swiss RUAG Holding. The state-of-the art equipment comprises leading edge design and analyses tools, clean rooms and automated cutting machines. The "Coolcat" line of high quality cryogenic Multi-layer Insulation is efficiently produced at a large industrial scale.


Booth 8 Stangenes Industries, Inc.

1052 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303



For over 43 years, Stangenes Industries has been manufacturing critical components for government, industry and research. As an OEM supplier to major medical equipment manufactures we have developed a reputation for quality and reliability at globally competitive prices. The foremost particle accelerator facilities and research labs in the world rely on Stangenes Industries for innovation and excellence.

• Pulse Transformers

• Magnets

• Magnetic Components

• Modulators

• Diagnostics.


Booth 9 CST-Computer Simulation Technology AG

AG, Bad Nauheimer Strasse 19, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany









CST develops CST STUDIO SUITE, a market-leading package of high-performance software for the simulation of EM fields in all frequency bands. CST solutions are used by leading companies across many industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications. CST is part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand.


Booth 10 Luvata






Luvata Special Products have factories on 3 continents producing special copper and low-temperature superconducting (LTS) wires, cables and hollow conductors for magnet applications. The prod-ucts are generally designed with special application in mind and their features vary widely among the different products offerings. Wires are produced for all applications in the LTS wire industry. Products include monolithic wires in round and rectangular shape as well as Wire-in-channel or cable-in-channel integrated conductors. Please contact us with your specific needs.


Booth 11 Western Superconducting Technologies

No.12, Mingguang Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, 710018



Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd. (WST) is located in Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, with a registered capital of 53 million USD on 28 Feb, 2003. WST is one of the biggest research and development centre for superconductor and titanium also related materials in China, We try our best to explore and develop domestic & oversea markets. The aim we struggled is to create WST into a Hi- Tech industrial corporation with the advanced technology, talented employees, and the best equipment.


Booth 12 General Atomics

General Atomics, 3550 General Atomics Ct., San Diego, CA 92121

+1 858-455-3000

General Atomics (GA) is a world leader in electromagnetics and superconducting magnet technology. GA is currently fabricating powerful pulsed superconducting magnet modules for ITER, an unprecedented international tokamak facility that aims to demon-strate the commercial feasibility of nuclear fusion. When completely assembled, the ITER Central Solenoid will have a peak field of 13.1 T with 5.5 GJ of stored energy. Magnet research at GA has led to discoveries and spinoff technologies in medical diagnostics, cryogenics, energy storage, transportation, semiconductors, and defense applications. GA leverages its research for the U.S. government and private industry, delivering solutions ranging from next-generation nuclear reactors to remotely operated aircraft and electromagnetic systems including the EMALs systems to electro-magnetically launch airplanes from aircraft carriers


Booth 13 Dutch Scientific and Big Science







The ILO-Network, part of Dutch Scientific, is a collaboration be-tween Dutch Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) with the aim of liaising between Dutch companies and Science-driven projects; offering industry greater continuity in challenging high-value work; enabling science to gain easier access to highly qualified companies; enabling SMEs with less international experience in conducting business to become more closely involved in Big Science Projects.

The ILO-net is financially supported by NWO and has proven its importance for connecting SMEs with science projects over the last years. At the Dutch Scientific exhibition stand you will find several Dutch companies offering unique expertise on technologically challenging subjects. Al latest list of Dutch firms involved in Big Science projects can be found with their profile in the online brochure.



Oester 2, 1723 HW, Noord-Scharwoude, the Netherlands.





Demaco is a mid-sized company specialized in the field of cryogenic technology and is responsible for the infrastructure to transport liquefied gases from A to B. Demaco manufactures systems with measure and control technologies for cryogenic applications. All cryogenic systems are double-walled where high vacuum is applied as ultimate isolator. These cryogenic systems enable the transportation and conditioning of liquid gases.

Since 1985, Demaco has been a supplier for producers of industrial gases and end users of liquid gas. As we are a total integrated company, we are able to employ our expertise from initial concept, through engineering and manufacturing, right up to installation. Examples include the food industry, medical companies, as well as space research centers and scientific institutes. Demaco is part of the top 6 companies in cryogenic technology world-wide.


Booth 15 Hyper Tech Research, Inc.

539 Industrial Mile Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, USA

614-481-8050 Ext. 2432





Hyper Tech is a leading manufacturer of MgB2 and Nb3Sn superconductor wires. We have experience designing, manufacturing and testing coils using NbTi, Nb3Sn, MgB2, Nb3Sn, BSCCO, and (Re)BCO superconductors. Hyper Tech is developing small diameter high amperage Cable-in Conduits (CIC) for several superconducting applications, using NbTi, MgB2 and Nb3Sn strands. We also have system design experience for developing superconducting MRIs, fault current limiters, motors, wind generators, SMES, DC and AC cable applications.


Booth 16 Babcock Noell GmbH




Babcock Noell GmbH is a company of Bilfinger SE and is your partner for magnet systems, vacuum and cryo-technology. Babcock Noell has been working closely with large-scale research facilities for developments, prototyping up to series production. Being your partner we have a comprehensive know-how and can develop solutions tailored to your needs, e.g. superconducting undulators for light sources, products for the energy market and comprehensive vacuum equipment and cryostats.


Booth 17 Sumitomo ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES Ltd;





DI-BSCCO, 1st Grade superconductor, is the trade mark of Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI). Using DI-BSCCO, researchers and manufactures from around the world have successfully manufactured superconducting cables, magnets, motors and current lead assemblies. Recently, SEI developed Type HT-NX, an extra high strength DI-BSCCO, superconductor wire design that is surpas-sing other HTS wires for high field magnet designs. DI-BSCCO Type G is widely used in magnet current lead designs. DI-BSCCO-MS, is a magnet system employing DI-BSCCO and AC and DC superconducting cable systems can be also supplied by Sumitomo Electric.


Booth 18 Cryogenic Ltd.






Cryogenic Ltd leads the market in the design and manufacture of high field measurement systems for scientific research and industrial applications.

The product range includes vibrating sample magnetometer, specific heat measurement via AC calorimetry and relaxation methods, AC susceptibility, resistivity and Hall Effect measurements and thermal conductivity. These are offered as either cryogen free or low boil off liquid helium cooled magnet systems, with fields of up 24 Tesla and ultra-low temperatures down to 300 mK with 3He or 50 mK with a dilution refrigerator.


Booth 19 Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC


3082 Sterling Circle, Unit B, Boulder, CO 80301, USA



Advanced Conductor Technologies CORC® technology opens the door to new markets that require flexible, high-current density power transmission cables and wires.

High-temperature superconducting CORC® cables and wires also enable practical high-field magnets that operate at magnetic fields above 20 Tesla, or at temperatures exceeding 20 Kelvin.


Booth 20 Clever Conductors BV


(no text made available for display)


Booth 21 Sumitomo Cryogenics

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of Europe, GmbH

Daimlerweg 5a, Darmstadt D-64293, Germany




SHI Cryogenics Group, an integral part of the Precision Equipment Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., is a leading world-wide provider of innovative cryogenic solutions to the magnet technology industry. With offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, it has been producing quality cryogenic equipment for over 50 years. SHI's renowned engineering departments continue to focus on the latest cryogenic technologies, including innovative cryocooler, pulse tube and shield cooler designs. In addition to our exhibit booth, SHI’s cryocooler technology will be featured in a co-authored paper with Siemens Magnet Technology. “Hub- and Site-cooling of MRI magnets using a mobile cryogenic system,” will be presented at 10:00 on Thursday, 31 August, during the Cryogen-ics & Auxiliary Technologies session.


Booth 22 SuperOx




SuperOx company was founded in 2006 with a goal to establish production of textured high-temperature superconductor coatings on metal substrates – second generation high temperature superconducting tapes (2G HTS). The equipment built with materials can change the image of the modern energy and transport industry. As well, 2G HTS tapes enable the production of far more efficient magnetic equipment for research and medicine.

Due to unique electric and physical properties of high temperature superconductors, the application of 2G HTS tapes results in unique and superior qualities of power cables, fault current limiters, transformers, motors, generators, energy storage systems and magnets. Superconducting equipment is of high power, is com-pact, efficient and environment-friendly.


Booth 23 Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes

Via Piò 30, 24062, Costa Volpino (BG) - Italy

+39 035 975867


Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of seamless stainless steel and nickel based alloy tubes and pipes. Our company has one of the largest product portfolios in this sector and a 125 years long history that dates back to invention of the seamless stainless steel tube. Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes is a qualified supplier for TF and PF Jacket for ITER Tokamak and for JT60SA-TF.


Booth 24 Columbus Superconductors





Columbus Superconductors SpA is a superconducting wire manufacturing company dedicated to MgB2–based wire production. Multifilamentary MgB2 conductors are produced and supplied in unit lengths exceeding 3 Km, targeting a variety of DC and AC applications. Conductors are available in different shapes (round, rectangular, tape) and internal configuration (by number of fila-ments, sheath material, twist, etc). Wires as well as components based on MgB2 can be realized according to customers’ request.


Booth 25 Cryomech Inc.


Cryomech, Inc. is the leader in advanced cryocooler solutions. Our distinct product line includes over 30 different types of Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cycle Cryo-refrigerators.

Cryomech’s fast and open design process allows you to remain the expert in your field of research while they manage the interface with the cryo-refrigerator seamlessly.

Cryomech also offers a broad array of Helium Liquefiers and Re-covery Systems. Cryomech recently introduced Ultra-Low Vibration Cryostats for operation below 4.2 K.



2-3, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8322, Japan




Furukawa Electric is the pioneer in superconductivity. Comprehensiveness from low-temperature superconductivity to high-temperature superconductivity.


Booth 27 IOP Publishing

Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6HG, UK


IOP Publishing provides publications through which leading-edge scientific research is distributed worldwide. Beyond our traditional journals programme, we make high-value scientific information easily accessible through an ever-evolving portfolio of books, community websites, magazines, conference proceedings and a multitude of electronic services.


Booth 28 WEKA AG

Schuerlistrasse 8, CH-8344, Baeretswil, Switzerland





WEKA is a Swiss SME with more than 40 years of manufacturing and developing experience and know-how in cryogenic components below 75K.

Cryogenic technologies such as space qualified components, future energy technologies based on hydrogen, basic- , plasma- and fusion power research projects and others are in high demand for innovative technologies which continuously requesting new product ideas and developments.

Our components provide optimal solutions for handling low-temperature liquefied gases under extreme operating conditions as well as for related components.

Booth 29 Sigma Phi


Sigmaphi has been providing turnkey systems and components for particle accelerators to major

research labs and protontherapy system providers for more than 30 years.

Our 200 highly skilled employees can design, make and measure:

- Complete particle transport beam lines, from optics to

installation and alignment

- High precision magnets : resistive, superconducting,

permanent magnet based, in vacuum

- Turnkey injection or extraction systems

- Ultra stable power supplies

- RF power solutions: Solid state amplifiers, Klystron Modulators






Elytt Energy designs and manufactures resistive and supercon-ducting electro­magnets and power supplies for particle accelerators of all types.

Designs standard and custom-built resistive magnets, reaching from small correctors, to very large magnets, 2D and 3D is used for magnetic field modelling. Our workshop has all manufacturing facilities necessary, winding machines, vacuum system, oven, inert gas oven and all measurement equipment. The following related services are available, Mechanical calculations, Beam optical calculations, Vacuum calculation and design, On-site Installation.


Booth 31 Oxford Instruments Nanoscience

Tubney Woods, Abingdon, OX13 5QX, UK



We design, manufacture and

support market-leading research tools that enable quantum tech-nologies, new materials and device development. Leading the field of superconducting magnets for over 55 years, we have an unrivalled track record of supplying some of the most challenging custom magnets across the world. Our tools support research down to the atomic scale through creation of high performance, cryogen-free low-temperature and magnetic environments, based upon our core technologies in low and ultra-low temperatures, high magnetic fields and system integration.


Booth 32 OCEM Power Electronics






OCEM Power Electronics has since 1943 supplied power systems to research laboratories worldwide, enabling advances in the fields of plasma physics, particle physics and medical research. In recent years, OCEM engineers have published numerous papers, and developed and patented new power electronics technologies. The company’s commitment to high quality and its customer-oriented approach have made its tailor-made solutions an invaluable asset for more than 50 research facilities in 20-plus countries, including four Nobel-Prize winning labs.


Booth 33 American Magnetics Inc.






American Magnetics, Inc. (AMI) has been a manufacturer of super- conducting magnet systems and cryogenic equipment for more than 45 years. Founded in 1968, AMI supplies turn-key cryogen-free and liquid helium based superconducting magnet systems, with custom solutions ranging from completely conduction cooled multi-axis systems combined with an integrated variable temperature insert to large room temperature bore zero boil-off helium re-condensing systems (Recon™). When AMI's innovative super-conducting magnets, such as the multi-axis (MAxes™) series, are coupled with cutting-edge cryostats, the customer is buying a winning combination. Topping off AMI's premier superconducting magnet systems is the Model 430 power supply programmer, which yields extreme accuracy, high automation and easy control for customers, all via Ethernet. AMI offers a complete line of capacitance and resistance based instrumentation that can be utilized to measure any cryogenic fluid with unparallelled accuracy and relia-bility. AMI stands behind its products with a warranty offering full system protection for 15 months.


Booth 34 Shanghai Superconductor Technology

Bldg. 25, 1388 ZhangdongRoad, Pudong, Shanghai, P.R.China









Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (SSTC) employs physical vapour deposition and manufactures custom, cost effective 2G-HTS wires with superior mechanical properties and world leading critical current densties especially at high magnetic field and low temperature. The company also provides peripheral products and services includ-ing coil winding (machines) and vacuum deposition systems.


Booth 35 FEAC Engineering P.C.

61, Afstralias Street, P.O. 26442, Patras, Greece





FEAC is a leading solutions pioneer, specialized in engineering simulation. The company develops tailor-made, innovative & multi-physics numerical models (including coupled structural, electromagnetic, thermal, vibroacoustic & fluid phenomena), based on the Finite Element (FEM) & Boundary Element (BEM) method. From initial design to prototype testing, FEAC applies simulation expertise and operational experience to assist its clients with high-value and accurate solutions during the R&D process of super/normal-conductive magnets, motors, generators and devices.



Booth 36 Cryomagnetics Inc.




Cryomagnetics, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of superconducting magnets and systems. Solenoidal, split pair, multi-axis, and dipole/quadrupole magnets are available in dry, wet, and recondensing designs.

Our C-Mag line of cryogen-FREE magnet systems with integrated VTI feature a modular design with an evolving lineup of experimental modules.

System accessories include: 4 quadrant power supplies, liquid cryogen level monitors, temperature monitors, gauss-meters, VTI's, He3 inserts, current leads, LHe and LN2 sensors, Hall effect sen-sors, temperature sensors, and more.

Booth 37 Bruker EST






Bruker Energy and Supercon Technologies (BEST) is a global leader in superconductor solutions, providing an unmatched range of products that meet

the needs of healthcare, academic and industrial companies and organizations worldwide. In close cooperation with our customers, we design, develop and deliver product solutions that are at the heart of a majority of the superconductor magnets worldwide. They enable innovators to build leading edge healthcare and industrial products, as well as to conduct fundamental research, such as the search for the origins of the universe and sustainable clean energies.


Booth 38 Tesla Engineering Ltd

Water Lane, Storrington, Sussex, RH20 3EA, United Kingdom





Tesla Engineering Ltd. was founded over 40 years ago to supply magnets for particle accelera-tors. Today, the Tesla group of companies has factories in the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands.

The group has combined expertise in magnetics, composites, and precision manufacturing, and serves a wide range of well-known customers in national and international laboratories (CERN, Fermilab, ESRF, Brookhaven), and in several industries (MRI, Proton therapy, Radiotherapy, Semiconductor fabrication, Fusion).


Booth 39 Stöhr Armaturen GmbH & Co KG







STÖHR ARMATUREN has specialized in cryogenic valves and filters for gas handling in science & research institutes since the 1960s. Our customers are well-known companies and institutes worldwide. Cryogenic temperature down to 2K, high pressure up to 800 bar, high leak tightness, media compatibility and short shutter speed characterize our products. Our standard product range comprises highly precise control valves, globe valves and check valves for installation in valve boxes, vacuum jackets or regular pipes; relief valves, overflow valves and filters.



Booth 40 Cryoworld B.V.

Havenweg 11C, 1771RW, Wieringerwerf, the Netherlands






Cryoworld BV in Wieringerwerf is a manufacturer of advanced cryogenic equipment. Our core business is design, production, testing and installation of Helium and other custom designed cryogenic equipment. Cryoworld specializes in the development of new cryogenic technologies and delivers projects to renowned companies and scientific institutes worldwide.


Booth 41 DH Industries B.V.

Science Park, Eindhoven 5003, 5692EB, Son,

The Netherlands









DH Industries specializes in the design and production of Stirling Cryogenerators and closed-loop cooling systems. Our customers rely on our expertise to provide them with a cryogenic cooling system optimized for their applications. Combining our product lines Stirling Cryogenics, creating cooling power, and CryoZone, distributing cooling power, we have designed and build systems to pre-cool magnets down to 20K to reduce LHe costs for cool-down.Depending your requirements we can design and build a specific cooling system also for your unique application.



Booth 42 INCAA Computers B.V.










NCAA Computers B.V. is a company specializing in design and manufacture of professional high-tech measurement and control equipment for industrial, scientific, OEM and automotive applications. Since INCAA was founded in 1975, our focus is to provide solutions for technical automation projects based on hardware, software and system design. These projects are realized mainly in Europe, products are sold worldwide. Our software development team can define scalable and high-performance projects and de-velop the right software for it. Due to our in-house hardware expertise, we know best to separate projects into hardware and software functions and how to interface them to build innovative fail-safe systems. One example is the Data-Acquisition System for the Magnetic Test Bench at CERN SM18.


Booth 43 Basis Electronique de Puissance


Basis EP designs and manufactures power converters for any high power application.

Basis is an international specialist with an experienced team of engineers in the power electronics field.

Basis EP specialization relies on:

• High current rectifiers from 10A to 100kA

• High voltage converters or capacitor chargers upto 90kVDC

• AC or DC power supplies with very high accuracy and stability

up to 5ppm

• Special inverters with current reversibility for special applica-tions.

• Electronics development dedicated to analogic or digital Con-troller


Booth 44 Rolf Kind GmbH

Nochener Str. 1-3, 51647 Gummersbach, Germany,





Rolf Kind GmbH is a supplier of open die forgings in high alloyed stainless steels, nickel based alloys and titanium.

Since more than 40 years the company is producing sophisticated special products for the most demanding industries, such as the nuclear, chemical, petrochemical and machinery and construction sectors. The Germany-based company is deeply involved in research and development projects like ITER and CERN and is looking forward to support you in your demanding projects!


Booth 45 Alltech Medical Systems, LLC.

201 Tianqin Road, High-Tech Industrial Zone (West Park),

Chengdu,Sichuan, 611731, China





With global operation in Cleveland, U.S. and Chengdu, China, Alltech is a leading company in the engineering, manufacturing and service of superconducting magnets. We provide the MRI industry and research societies a variety of superconducting mag-nets, including the 1.5T standard and wide-bore magnets for clinical MR systems, 3T/7T/9.4T magnets for research and preclinical MR system, and 0-8T cryogen-free superconducting magnet with various bore size. We are committed to serve our customers with high quality and high reliability products.

Booth 46 HTS-110

1B Quadrant Drive, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand








Innovators in design and manufacture of cryogen-free magnetic solutions utilizing high-Tc (HTS) wire. Products include compact magnets for beamline environments, short solenoids (1-3 T) ideal for optical applications, fast ramping split-pair magnets (7-8 T) for materials research, NMR (200, 400 MHz) and MRI magnets. Components designed for customer integration include CryoSaver™ current leads, and HTS coils; HTS-110 also assists with custom superconducting projects.


Booth 47 ICEoxford Limited









ICEoxford manufacture cryogenic systems with magnetic fields for the global scientific community. With 150+ years of cryogenic experience to call on, ICEoxford is superbly positioned to supply bespoke systems suited to the particular needs of specific applications. Specialized in both wet and dry systems as well as repairs and service.



Booth 48 Young Scientists and Entrepreneurs

Valorization Opportunity at MT25

A special booth for newcomer demonstrations is available at the MT25 Exhibition sponsored by the conference hosts, the University of Twente and HFML, and supported by IEEE-CSC.

Young Scientists and Young Entrepreneurs can take up the challenge to show to the conference attendees innovative valorization ideas, concepts or products that have the potential to make it to the market in the field of superconducting magnets.

Newcomers is offered a platform for promoting innovative ideas or conceptual products under development to explore the market potential of an invention or product.

Such demonstrators can be anything like smart sensors, actuators, devices, tools, etc., provided of general interest and not yet covered by an established company or institute. And, of course, size- and services wise, the object should be suitable for demonstration in a booth.







Today we are proud of being one of the world’s leading companies within the development and manufacturing of high quality equipment for particle accelerator laboratories, healthcare and industry, and we employ some of the most skilled, experienced and dedicated engineers and technicians. Danfysik has customers and partners all over the world and our business is accelerating like our technology.

Specialties: Accelerator components, Accelerator systems, Power supplies, Magnets, Insertion Devices, Particle Therapy accelerator systems, Beam diagnostics, Synchrotron


Booth 50 Springer Science + Business Media B.V.


Springer Nature offers many opportunities for authors, customers and partners.



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Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) is a leading health technology company focused on improving people's health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. Philips' health technology portfolio generated 2016 sales of EUR 17.4 billion and employs approximately 70,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries.









The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research supports a strong system of sciences in the Netherlands by encouraging quality and innovation in science. That is why NWO funds only the best research - both curiosity-driven research and research into issues that occupy the world - for which via peer-review independent, knowledgeable experts from throughout the world are used for the assessment and selection process.




TeslaEngineering Ltd.







Advanced Conductor Technologies