The author and a submitter who has received abstract acceptance notification, are able to submit material for a contribution.

Mandatory material for you to upload are: abstract (already present), your poster in pdf format or your oral in pdf format.

If you wish you can also upload the final draft version of your paper also in pdf format.


Here under you will find a step-by-step manual for uploading the pdf files.

1. Visit the technical conference indico site where you can find the conference timetable with all all abstracts and presentations

2. Login with your username (registered email address) and password.


Instructions for Submitting/Uploading your Presentation



3. Access the My contributions area by clicking on My Contributions in the menu on the event home page, see screen shot here above. This will take you to the page, where all your contributions are listed.

4. Next click on a contribution and start submitting material.

5. To submit material, click on the pencil in the bottom right corner (red box in the screen shot)


6. A popup will appear, showing already attached files, and where new files can be uploaded.

7. By clicking on Upload files a new popup appears (see next screen shot)

8. Next click on Choose from your computer and scroll through your file system to find the pdf file you want to upload and confirm.

9. When done you now see the file listed in the upload box.

10. Do not change any other setting on this page!

11. Next, click on Upload in the bottom right corner of the page (see red box on the screen shot).

12. You will then see a pop-up window with the confirmation of the upload and the uploaded file visible.

13. You are ready and you can close the windows, or start over for uploading another file.

14. If you made a mistake, you can restart and upload a new version of the file.