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The additional page fee is €100 per page.


IEEE Publications may re-format graphics to ensure compliance with the IEEE Graphics Guidelines. In some cases, this could result in the body text extending substantially beyond the allowed page limit. You may be contacted for payment of an additional page fee if this occurs. To avoid this potential problem, please ensure that your graphics comply with the IEEE Graphics Standards and are sized appropriately, as indicated in the manuscript template.


Payment of fees


Additional page/paper fees must be paid onsite by credit card only at the registration desk by Tuesday, August 29, 2017 (18:30 h) to meet the manuscript submission deadline. Page and paper fees are not refundable. Rejection of a manuscript after peer review does not imply any refund of any fees paid to obtain a registration code.


Some key facts you really need to know, please read!


  1. Submission of a manuscript indicates an agreement to comply with IEEE policies for publication. Please read the Authors Rights and Responsibilities at: . More information about the IEEE Editorial and Publishing Policy and Ethics can be found at: and at
  2. A paper may be deemed unsuitable if it (a) does not meet the scope of the special issue; (b) presents content other than what was presented at the conference; (c) does not present a clear scientific discussion or contains minimal new scientific material; (d) contains minimal references; (e) is written in poor English language; or (f) has major style errors, although style errors should not occur if the paper template is used.
  3. To avoid delays or even the rejection of your manuscript for reasons related to English language take advantage of the paper writing service ( – for about $8.00 per 250-word page.
  4. Articles will be automatically checked for plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) using electronic databases, including other submissions to the same conference. Severe cases of plagiarism will result in rejection of a manuscript, and may trigger other punitive actions by IEEE. The most common mistake by authors is cutting and pasting from previous versions of manuscripts describing earlier stages of the same work.
  5. Authors shall only use the approved TAS Manuscript Template, which can be found here.

Re-use of old templates will be automatically detected, and may force mandatory major revisions to comply with the approved template.


Submission and peer-review site


An e-mail will be sent to the corresponding author of the accepted abstract with instructions to access the paper submission site and to upload the manuscript.


The manuscript submission site opened on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. The MT-25 Manuscript Submission Site is now available to accept manuscripts.


The manuscript submission deadline is Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 24:00 in Amsterdam time.


Late submissions are accepted at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.


Details for manuscript submission can be found here.


Onsite publication office


The Publication Office is located in Room G104 on the first floor at the RAI Congress Center. The opening hours are:


Manuscript submission deadline: TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2017 (24:00 in Amsterdam)


MT25 is pleased to offer presenting participants the opportunity to publish selected, peer-reviewed papers in a special issue of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY (TAS), an archival, peer-reviewed, fully indexed and searchable journal published by the IEEE Council on Superconductivity. The publication process allows final manuscripts to be available on IEEE Xplore as early as 90 days after the conference, and most, if not all, accepted manuscripts will be available for download and citation prior to the scheduled April 2018 release of the entire Special Issue (vol. 28, no. 3)). At the release date, a digital copy of the special issue will be delivered to conference attendees whose registration fee includes this item.


Presentation at MT25 is a requirement for publication


Authors presenting at MT25 are not required to submit a manuscript. For authors that choose to submit a manuscript, only subject matter presented at MT25 will be considered for publication. This includes presentations in oral or poster format. A manuscript that corresponds to a presentation ID recorded as not being given or shown will not be given consideration for publication.


Manuscript validation codes


Manuscript submission is validated by a unique code. Only the Full Conference, Student and Retiree Participant registration fees include one (1) manuscript submission code. Other registration types do not include a manuscript submission code. Authors in these other categories must pay the standard TAS manuscript fee of €400 (US $440) to receive a registration code.


A code belonging to a co-author may be used by the submitting author to validate a manuscript. Multiple co-authors who choose to submit multiple manuscripts may also judiciously allocate codes provided by their registration fees. However, multiple use of a unique code will invalidate all submissions identified by that code.


Authors may submit multiple manuscripts provided that each submission is related to a presentation. If the author or a co-author cannot provide a unique manuscript code, additional codes can be obtained by paying the manuscript fee of €400 for each code required.


Paper & page limits


Sunday, August 27

16:00-19:00 (next to registration desk)

Monday, August 28

08:00-18:00 (G104)

Tuesday, August 29

08:00-18:00 (G104)

Wednesday, August 30

08:00-18:00 (G104)

Thursday, August 31

08:00-17:00 (G104)

Editorial office and Contact information


For any publication related questions, please contact Centennial Conferences via email at: Please be sure to reference your Program/Presentation ID in any correspondence.